The White Fir (otherwise known as the Concolor Fir) is our newest offering.  We planted a few test trees a few years back to see how they would handle the soil conditions and environment and once they got to selling size, were quickly sold out.  Since then we have been planting these ever increasingly popular trees.  They have a distinct lemon-pine fragrance with sturdy branches.  But what really sets the White Fir apart is its needles.  The needle color can range from a deep green to a gray, similar to the Blue Spruce.  The needles are very long and seem to grow "up" from the branch.  It's hard to confuse the White Fir with any other tree on the farm.


Blue Spruce


White Fir


Norway Spruce


The Fraser Fir is our second most popular tree.  Gaining popularity recently, the Fraser Fir has sturdy branches and is not quite as full or rounded as the Douglas Fir.  Offering unique two-tone rounded needles, the tops are deep green, while the bottom of the needle is a bluish-gray, reminiscent of the Blue Spruce.  It has a citrus pine smell, though not as fragrant as the Douglas Fir. Fraser Firs are difficult to grow in Central New Jersey, but Barclay's Tree Farm is proud to offer them.


The Douglas Fir is one of our two most popular trees.  It's our most fragrant tree, with a citrus-pine smell.  The Douglas Fir offers sturdy enough branches for most ornaments and the deep green needles are soft to the touch.  It tends to be a fuller and wider tree than our other varieties.


The Blue Spruce is a hardy tree with stiff branches for the heaviest of ornaments and sharp to the touch needles.  Its distinct blue/gray color stands out in a field of Christmas trees.  Fans of the Blue Spruce rarely opt for any other variety but some find the needles to simply be too sharp.  The Blue Spruce has a classic pine fragrance.


The Norway Spruce is known as "The Original Christmas Tree".  It has sturdier branches than the Firs but not as strong as the Blue Spruce.  With a nice pine smell and telltale branches (the branch itself is actually visible on the underside) the Norway Spruce has been a long time favorite at Barclay's Tree Farm. 

Douglas Fir


Fraser Fir

Barclay's Christmas Tree Farm